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machine readable data

Compatible with numerous file formats and available in all world languages.

Our Services

Data Capture

We generate data from any type of document: paper, digital, audio, video or even fax.

Data Extraction from unstructured documents

Our systems are intelligent enough to understand the logic of your document. They understand the Canadian bilingual taxation system, so they populate GST TPS HST TVQ QST values at the right place. They also know that “Euro“, “EUR” or “” is the same thing.

In fact, they understand much faster and much more than our human intelligence…

Process Analysis & Transformation


Analysis reports, graphs, charts, visualization, tables, clusters, correlations, calculus.


Data cleaning, data filter, data structure, mining.


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing.

Robotic Process

We build software robots that recognize interpret and manipulate high frequency and repetitive tasks, in a away that mirrors the human brain decision making process.

Let us show you how robots can integrate your team and greatly improve productivity.

We’re more than happy to assist with onboarding and answer any questions you might have in the process.

Our Team

We are a highly skilled, multi-lingual and dedicated team with extensive expertise in capturing, transforming and delivering your data.


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Relationship Officer


Chief Operations Officer



One simple idea, efficientize processes.


Use robotic automation to capture, process and deliver data.


A solid foundation based on integrity, efficiency and creativity.


What document types are supported?

We can accept any type of document : financial, medical, aeronautical, onboarding forms, invoices, etc.


We work with both paper or electronic documents in any format (PDF, picture, scan, video). You can either email them to us or we can provide you a fax number.

Do you accept handwritten documents?

Yes, absolutely! In all languages of the world. Our systems learn to recognize human handwriting and get increased accuracy with every input.

How does the pricing work?

Pricing is based on the context of your project. We strongly suggest a 30 min meeting, to understand details like volumes, formats of data, timeframes, and what do you do with your data. It is critical for us to understand your data process in order to give you an accurate quote.

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